Golden Sun GBA ROM

Golden Sun GBA ROM: Venturing onto the World of Fantasy

Given a chance to play as your favorite character and venture on to a mystical place filled with secrets behind is an offer that is hard to resist. For those adventure role-playing game (RPG) fans out there, Golden Sun is an RPG waiting for you to be discovered. By downloading the Golden Sun GBA ROM, you could play this classic 2001 RPG Game Boy Advance Game for free.

Golden Sun is known for its distinctive game elements such as the use of special “Djinn” that somewhat gives a boost to the player or used against the opponent. The game’s story follows a band of magically inclined “Adepts” wherein they are to protect the world of Weyard from alchemy, which is a mighty power that could be potentially used destructively. However, the so-called Alchemy was sealed away for a long time ago.

The Intriguing Storyline and Gameplay

As the journey commences, the Adepts learn new abilities which is called Psynergy and learn even more why Alchemy was locked up away. The player is to control a cast of four as they journey along the fantasy-themed paradise. You are to interact with other characters, battle the monsters you come against and gain equipment that would make you even stronger thus enabling you to take on the difficult bosses.

Golden Sun GBA ROMOn the massive earth-like fantasy world having oceans and major continents called Weyard, players are to venture but mostly on caves and dungeons. The planet is governed by the mythological concept of the classic elements wherein these four elements can be manipulated by the brute force of Alchemy. It has happened in the distant past that Alchemy has reigned supreme which is why it was sealed outshut.

The game was heavily judged by critics and was mentioned to be arguably one of the best 2D-based Japanese RPGs that was created for any system. It was also commercially successful as it sold more than one million copies in Japan and the United States alone. So if you download the Golden Sun GBA ROM right now, you would be able to experience a fun-filled quest that would kill your boredom.

The Great Civilizations in the World of Weyard

Due to the prevalent force of alchemy in the ancient past of the said planet, great civilizations were formed. The outcome was devastating as it turned out into a worldwide conflict which subsided after Alchemy was sealed away. Alchemy could be unlocked given that the four Elemental Stars would be attained. These hold the true power of the four elements and these stars can be found within the Shrine located at Mt. Aleph. However, it is heavily guarded by the town of Vale on the base of the said mountain.

Why Download the Golden Sun GBA ROM?

If you seek pure adventure and have a lot of spare time to kill, then you don’t need to look further for any other game as you only need to download the Golden Sun GBA ROM right now. This would enable you to access the game straight on to your hand-held device. It is a simple solution for the hungry RPG lover.

Golden Sun GBA ROM

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