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This is role-playing game distributed by Nintendo and established by Camelot. It was unleashed to the public in 2001 for GBA. In the golden sun series, it is one of the first installment. One feature that you do not see in other games is the use of the “djinn” who give the player power against their enemies. The plot of the game involves “adepts” who engage in a mission to save the world form the alchemy who is determined to unleash his destructive power that had been sealed in the past. This magic-attuned “adepts” gain new abilities referred to as psynergy along their journey. They soon learn why the alchemy was locked away many years ago. The golden sun is followed by the lost age in the series but this focuses mainly on the antagonists. Many of the critics showered the game for being one of the best 2D RPGs games in the series. The game made its debut in the United States and it is recorded to have sold over one million copies. In April 2014 Golden Sun was re-released for virtual console via their Wii U eShop. You can download the Golden Sun ROM here.Download Golden Sun ROM

How does the Golden Sun Game Work?

This a role-based narrative in which the characters engage in a journey through a fantasy based world where they battle monsters, acquire awesome powers, interact with other characters, and engage actively in the ongoing journey. While you follow tasks systematically, you can still go back to previous scenes that are in order and accomplish some objectives. The player will spend most of their time in the game in caves and dungeons. These have puzzles, which require players to accomplish a particular task. These include shifting mine carts to locate new areas or using logs to make makeshift bridges. You will need to use magic spells called psynergy to solve puzzles. You can download the Golden Sun ROM here.

Unlike most RPGs magic spells are restricted to post-combat healing and within battles. In Golden Sun you can use the whirlwind spell to remove overgrown foliage on the player’s path while at the same time use it to destroy your enemies. The Psynergy consists of four elements mars (deals with heat and fire), Jupiter (deals with electricity and wind), Mercury (deals with ice and water), and Venus (gives players ability to manipulate plants and rocks). If you find a Psynergy that you could have used to solve a puzzle in a previous location, players can go back and solve the puzzle. ThisDownload Golden Sun ROM feature is not found in other games in the series. You can download the Golden Sun ROM here.

Golden Sun Battles and Djinn

Golden Sun ROMThe story involves some random battles and monster encounters. You will have a boss that you have to battle and randomly selected enemies. There is a distinct screen whenever you engage in battle with an enemy. The screen appears in 3D and you can rotate the backgrounds and characters. In battle, you will need to keep your own party alive through Psynergy while you defeat oncoming enemies. The Psynergy helps your defense and is a source of life. When the players hit points are reduced to zero then the game is over. While when you win battles, you receive experience points and collect coins and items. Download the Golden Sun ROM here.

You can access a separate battle mode from the menu screen, which enables you to battle CPU- controlled enemies. In the battling mode, you can field your own saved teams into the battle arena. You can also field three of your four battle teams to fight against the enemies three characters. The good part is that you do not incur any penalty or receive any award when you engage in these battles. To access more game features download the Golden Sun Rom Here.

The most distinctive feature in Golden Sun is the use of the Djinn. You can collect and manipulate these magical creatures. The Djinn are hidden and scattered through the game and can be allocated to a character. The Djinn are the basis for the games stats and determine a player’s Psynergy capabilities. When attached to a character they increase character class, influence Hit points, Psynergy points and determine what the Psynergy in a character will do. Download Golden Sun ROM here.

You can choose to put the Djinn on standby or be set to a player. When the Djinn is ‘set’ the character stats receive bonuses and the character class can also change. The set Djinn can also influence the outcome of battles by giving the character the ability to heal or to attack in battle. The downside is that the djinn when used in this way changes to standby mode. You will find seven different djinn that represent each element used in the game. You can mix these djinn to match the four characters. This offers you a set of combat options. Download the Golden Sun Rom here.

Download Golden Sun ROMWhen doing combat the djinn play various roles. When attached to a character the djinn heightens the attacks, these roles include restoration/healing spells, debuffing/ buffing spells, elemental attacks and other effects. The djinn will return to standby mode once you have successfully evoked them. While in standby mode you can still use the djinn to summon spells but they do not contribute to change in stats or character classes. The spells enable the character to evoke a powerful monster that destabilizes the enemy’s powers. While this is the most powerful part of the game it comes with the drawback that you will need to rest the djinn before reverting to set mode. While the djinn is resting, you can increase your stats or classes. Golden Sun has sixteen sequences that you can summon with four for each element. For each summons you will need one and four djinn of the same element. Download the Golden Sun ROM here.

Golden Sun Setting and synopsis

The game takes place in the fantasy land of Weyard. Golden Sun uses a flat earth concept where the ocean’s water can spill over at the end of the world. The golden Sun has two big continents; in the South, there is Gondowan and Angara to the north. The four elements of wind, water, fire, and earth control Weyard. The alchemy has supreme control of the elements but he was sealed away in the past. You can, however, manipulate some of these elements through the use of psynergy.  Wielders of the psynergy are called adepts but they often do not display their powers to outsiders. Download the Golden Sun ROM here.

There are four main characters in the game; there is the protagonist Isaac who is 17 years and hails from the village of Vale; Garet 17 years from same village with Isaac; Ivan aged 15 years who has lived with Kalay – a famous merchant; Mia age 16 years from the village of Imil is a healer with roots to the mercury adept. The last character is called Jenna who is a Mars Adept and has been Isaac childhood friend. To access the best editor download the Golden Sun ROM here.Download Golden Sun ROM

What is Golden Sun Game Plot?

The plot consists of an ancient alchemy whose powers were responsible for the development of the weyard kingdom. This ancient kingdom come under divisions and this led to concealment of the alchemy. To unleash the alchemy you will need the four elemental stars that have the four pure elements. The elements are hidden at the base of Mt. Aleph where the town of Vale is located. In the game’s beginning, Menardi and Saturos make their way to Mt. Aleph with a selfish aim of taking the elements. They, however, cannot solve the mountains puzzles and are turned away. More features can be accessed by downloading the Golden Sun Rom here.

The protagonist Isaac, jenna and Garet are led by their teacher Kraden in the search for Mt. Aleph. Felix and Alex assist Menardi and Saturos in their second attempt to acquire the elemental stars. They also attempt to coerce Isaac to give them three of the stars. There is a volcano rapture that stifles there efforts to get the final star and they are forced to kidnap Kraden and Jenna and use them as bargaining chips. Isaac and his group are advised by the guardian of Mt. Aleph to prevent the Saturos and his group from unleashing the elements across weyard. If this is done, it will unleash the alchemy and introduce the period of instability again. Download Golden Sun ROM here.

Isaac and his gang pursue Saturos group all the way to the mercury lighthouse. There Mia and Ivan join them. Besides are however unable to prevent Saturos from activating the mercury star in the lighthouse. Saturos takes another adept member hostage by the name of Sheba who happens to be the adept of Jupiter. Saturos who is on a high pursuit from Isaac and the gang merges with Menardi to form a two-headed dragon but Isaac is able to kill it. The remainder of Saturos group consisting of Alex and Felix continue in their pursuit of the remaining lighthouses. The game ends with Isaac continuing with his mission. You can download the Golden Sun ROM here.

Golden Sun Development

Camelot takes a very long time developing the game – 12 to 18 months – which is unusual for a handheld device. Many people praised the results after the long development. By August 2000 players had a glimpse of the game with earlier versions being showcased at the Nintendo Spaceworld Expo in Japan. Just a few weeks before release North American viewers were given a glimpse of the game. While it was not Camelot idea to develop a series – they were keen on a single title – they were however persuaded to create a game for GBA. The game faced hardware limitations, which prevented the game from being used as a single title in GBA consoles. Download Golden Sun ROM here.

Download Golden Sun ROMThe games sold over 740,000 copies in North America while in Japan 338,000 copies were sold. It received 91% and 90% from Metacritic and GameRankings respectively. Most of the critics were impressed by the game graphics and sounds. The battle mode and djinn system of doing battle were found to be features that stand out. While some had praise for the game others found it too have typical battle scenes. In 2001 Golden Sun enabled Nintendo to win the best Game Boy Advance award for that year. The next game in the series is the Lost age whose events begin immediately after the events of the last game. Director Shugo Takahashi who was the designer in shining force II thought of having a plot involving two characters with both good and bad. These elements were incorporated into the game which led to good antagonists in the lost age and some good characters in the golden sun. IGN ranked GBA game as the 24th best in terms of sound quality, graphics, plot and the storyline that lasts more than thirty hours. Nintendo has ranked it at position 31 in their top 200 games.

How does Golden Sun ROM work?

The ROM contains critical information useful when you are playing a game. You can use some of the editing features to change the game maps, characters, weapons, and levels. Instead of spending many hours leveling up you can use the ROM to reach the desired level and acquire items and magic spells. The ROM, when used with an emulator, enables players to play the game on a PC. To download the Golden Sun ROM click the download button here. The ROM file will be downloaded to your PC download folder. You then can double-click the file to install the game. The Golden Sun ROM provides a platform to recreate the game to fit your own imagination. The Golden Sun Rom has been designed with the player in mind and is available to all online users. Golden Sun is a game suitable for people of all ages; whether young or experienced games. The ROM offers a user-friendly platform to play the game.

User Interface for Golden Sun ROM

Users are apprehensive to download ROMs online. This is because many do not trust most the sites online. You can get a download from a suspicious website that is full of malware and fishing programs. We have considered some of our customers needs when we were designing this ROM. You do not need to understand computer programming to use our ROM. It has been created for first-time users and comes with easy to use a game editor. The ROM causes not frustration to users. You also get a guide to use when using the game options. Golden Sun ROM uses magic spells to defeat enemies and with the Golden Sun Rom, you are able to access restricted areas and acquire different magic spells. The editor also enables you to collect different items to help you in the game.

Compatibility and Security

Many sites offer free ROM downloads but many are laden with malware. This can cause harm to your computer. We have incorporated complex encryption software’s that ensure that the game is free from viruses and malware. We take our customer security very seriously and that is why we have ensured that our game is free from any bugs. Our site is easy to navigate and you can easily locate what you are looking for. The Golden Sun Rom is compatible with most Microsoft Windows PCs and Mac computers. This means almost everyone can use it. You will find our site to be safe and secure. You will not experience any blockages when playing the game. Golden Sun has many improved features when compared with other GBA series. With the Golden Sun ROM, you are able to access magic spells, weapons, and even level up when you use an editor.Download Golden Sun ROM

Customer Support

We have worked very hard to ensure that our customers enjoy first class service. Our customer care team is available 24/7 to answer any queries that you may have. We also continuously work to enhance the ROM features so that it has the latest game developments. You can drop us messages on our suggestion box and tell us how we can best serve you.

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